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Q. How do I delete elements?
A. Swipe the element from right to left and a delete button will appear. Here’s a Video Guide which demonstrates this.

Q. How do I skip weekends?
A. i.e. Skipping the weekend of November 1st/2nd, 2014 – Continue adding shoot days up to and including Saturday November 1st, 2014. Select Saturday November 1st, 2014  > Production > Current Shoot Day and change the date to the date to November 3rd, 2014 (Monday) > Save. When you return to the list of shoot days, you’ll now see that Saturday and Sunday has been skipped. You can also use this method to skip holidays and days off. Here’s a Video Guide which demonstrates this.

Q. Why don’t signatures appear on HTML versions of call sheets?
A. Privacy concerns. To attach signatures to the body of an email, we’d have to add them as attachments which would be downloadable. For PDF versions, they’re embedded in the PDF files.

Q. Any plans for an Android version?
A. Yes, we are working on an android version.

Q. Can I use Pocket Call Sheet to schedule a shoot?
A. Yes, there are some basic scheduling features in Pocket Call Sheet. One major example is the ability to reorder scenes.

Q. I have a suggestion. Can I send it to you?
A. Please. Please. Please. Pocket Call Sheet is continually evolving and feedback from loyal users in invaluable. We welcome and encourage it. It’s what makes each version of the application so much better than the last. Send us an email.

Q. I would love to review your app for my magazine/blog. Who can I contact?
A. We love reviews. Please send us an email.

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